“I fucking love making songs that get trapped in people’s brains…”

Luke Moseley // Music Producer

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How you do anything is how you do everything. Basically, I try to live my life so that the smallest of tasks get just as much attention as the big tasks. I really love what I do… I mean I still get nervous when I send mixes back to artists ‘cause I want them to fall in love with the songs we create together. It almost feels like when you first asked someone out on a date (but every single day! - lol). 

I help artists and writers move forward in their careers, whether that is helping them get better shows, hook up with publishers or figure out where their ideal fans are so they can connect.

We work together to make a kick-ass song that gets people excited. I want to make it impossible for listeners not to want to share it with everyone they know. I am really fortunate in that I only work on songs that are the real shit, they connect with people and make a difference. Music has helped me so much in my lift and to be able to be a part of something that could change someone else’s outlook, help them in a hard time or let them party so hard that they meet their soul mate - - that is a privilege!

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Salt Ashes - Go All Out (Radikal Records)

“Her latest release, Go All Out, is her boldest and most compelling yet. With a heart-thumping beat, addictive synth melodies and a catchy as hell chorus…” Record of the day


Kidnap - Grow (armada music)

“Grow” is a blossoming web of electronic intricacy, slowly constructing early piano tones with luscious vocals, evolving melodies and breathtaking harmonies.” Wonderland Magazine


Emma ballantine - harmonise

“Ballantine has a really lovely tone to her vocals and they are displayed brilliantly throughout this record. Harmonizing with the melodies with ease throughout, Ballantine uses her voice so well on these tracks and it makes for a great listen..” Thinking Lyrically

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